Frequently asked Questions

We are often asked...

How does gig chef personnel service work?


The idea is quite simple. If you are a professional, and you are applying for a job through us, send us your CV and contact information via the form on the front page. We will contact you and agree on the details of the gig.


How does the gig chef recruitment process work?


If you are an employer, you can leave us a recruitment order via the form on the homepage, or directly by email (address in the format: We will take care of the rest!


For which tasks does the Keikkakokki service send personnel?

Our staff includes experienced chefs, shift managers, chefs and kitchen managers. We also provide waiters according to the needs of our customers.


Is the gig chef able to work efficiently right from the first shift?

We expect our applicants to have experience in the restaurant industry, according to the wishes of our customers. However, it is our client's responsibility to familiarize the employee with the ways of the house.


Will there be additional costs for hiring labor on top of the hourly price?

The Keikkakokki service takes care of the chefs' salary payment and all additional expenses, such as insurance and holiday allowances. Possible per diems or travel and accommodation expenses are agreed with the customer before the gig is confirmed.


What if the gig chef gets sick right before the gig?

Primarily, Keikkakokki tries to find another creator in his network for the shift. However, if the gig is canceled due to illness or force majeure, Keikkakokki is not liable for compensation. However, we will try to arrange a substitute to replace the absent professional.


What kind of salary are paid for auditions?

We want to offer our gig testers an hourly wage that is better than the industry average, so that taking on extra shifts would be meaningful for our professionals. At Keikkakok, you can work fewer hours, but you get a better salary than what is paid in other similar companies. For example, with an hourly wage of 17e, you would only need to work 159 hours per month to earn 2700e per month + extras. Sunday allowances are paid 100%.


Do you dare to hire a gig chef working in a competing restaurant in the same town?

Keikkakoki have a strong work ethic to do their best in every shift. This work ethic also includes confidentiality towards the then employer.


How do employers of gig chefs feel about gig work?

All our employees have their employer's consent to work extra kitchen shifts through Keikkakok.