Consulting services

We offer consulting and coaching for restaurant companies to develop their current operations or start a new business. External evaluation often gives our customers new ideas for daily work and process development, we are here for you.

Experienced professionals in the restaurant industry, from entrepreneurs to chefs and restaurant managers, are consulting. The success of restaurant companies is a matter of our hearts. We have created ready-made packages and each project is defined according to the customer's needs. In addition to packages, we also do consulting on an hourly basis. All consulting and coaching work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, i.e. you only pay for the package if you are satisfied with the service and have achieved results.


Consulting packages:

1. Starting restaurant operations

Starting a restaurant operation and related measures often require a lot of time, starting the operation requires:

The business plan, concept and business idea, after which the daily practices are planned, e.g. wholesalers' choices, contracts, menus,

pricing, personnel sizing, self-monitoring. Time should be set aside for this project, 1-5 days, depending on the size of the restaurant and the measures

depending, price for one day €1500 (8.5h).

2. Development of restaurant operations

The development of restaurant operations often comes into question when the goal is to renew the current business, change the concept and do more

more profitable business. Development can be renewing the menu or changing the operations and raw material purchases to the sales margin

for improvement. Daily price €1,500 (8.5h).



Consulting charge 200€/h and 100€/h for our clients who use personnel rental.

Possible travel and accommodation costs are added to the prices per project. All our prices are stated VAT 0%,
24% value added tax is added to packages and hourly charges.