Relief for the labor shortage in restaurants

Gig chef was born to ease the labor shortage in the restaurant industry. Our business, renewed in October 2021, is now focused on personnel rental in the restaurant industry, recruitment and the hiring of food service workers for events. Through Keikkakok, you can find qualified and reliable temporary labor for a restaurant kitchen, bar counter or hall with even a short notice. We only hire experienced and motivated professionals who are capable of effective gig work anywhere and anytime. It is also possible to hire several professionals from us at once, or you can outsource your recruitment to us, in which case we will take care of the employees according to your company's needs. To compensate for the lost free time, we pay our professionals a salary that is better than the industry average. We are also flexible, if our employee can't make it to the agreed shift, we will replace him with another employee.

Gig chef - From a flying # to a limited company

The idea to establish the Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy professional network came from the need to find competent staff for the sudden and temporary needs of the restaurant industry. Keikkakok's sister company is Jyrkkänen Investment Oy, founded in January 2018. The founder of the service, Lassi Jyrkkänen (Maitre Rotisseur), who spent his career working in restaurants, was pained by the adjustment and uncertainty associated with finding diners. He started working as a gig chef and as the demand grew, seven colleagues joined him. In October 2021, Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy was separated into its own limited company, and Nina Taipale was elected CEO.

Keikkakokki started as if by accident, with #keikkakokki used on advertising shirts and social media, which Jyrkkänen used alongside Jyrkkänen Investment Oy, and that's where the idea started.® got an official ®-symbol and it became the most visible part of our business.

Keikkakok's operation is based on a network of professionals, and we are always looking for new restaurant industry professionals to join us all over Finland. The quality of Keikkakok's customer service is based on the idea of ​​doing "always better than usual". Each recruitment is always considered on a case-by-case basis. Our idea is that we are working for our customer, and we always want to give our best, and do everything "on top of the last".