Personnel rental

Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy places waiters, shift managers, chefs, chefs, bar workers, restaurant managers, hall assistants and kitchen assistants for different lengths of employment throughout Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia. The Keikkakokki personnel rental service is intended for the temporary, temporary or permanent needs of restaurants of different sizes. Contact us using the form, call or send us a message through our social channels, and we will contact you.

What is Keikkakokki Personnel Rental Service?


Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy is an Ostrobothnian personnel service company that places all professionals in the restaurant industry for employment contracts of different lengths in Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia.

How does Keikkakokki Personnel Rental work?


The gig chef Hiring process always starts with contact. You can contact us from our website , after which our account manager will contact you. If you are a job seeker and want to work in the restaurant industry, fill out our application form , and we will contact you. Or alternatively, call our recruitment manager Johanna.

How soon can I expect to be contacted?


We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your contact, we will try to answer your message within the next week,

if your matter is urgent, please contact us by calling.

For which tasks does the Keikkakokki service send personnel?


Keikkakokki Ammattilaitesen mediates all employees of the restaurant industry for the needs of companies. The biggest demand is for waiters and experiments.

When should I use the Keikkakokki Personnel Rental Service?


When you need competent staff for your restaurant business, contact us. We will help you and together we will think of the right solutions. Through personnel leasing, we provide you with employees and, if necessary, we also recruit our own employees for you.

Is the gig chef able to work efficiently right from the first shift?


Gig chef Ammatlaiinen has both skilled workers and light-level experts available for hire. Everyone has enough motivation and desire for work.

Where can I find Keikkakokki Personnel Rental Services?


Gig Chef Professionals can be found on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and TikTok), but you can also contact us using the form on the website or by calling. You can find our contact information on the Contact page of our website.

What does Keikkakokki Personnel Rental cost?


Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy negotiates the contract with each customer on a case-by-case basis and according to your needs. We pay our professionals a salary, and we invoice it to your company.

Will there be additional costs for hiring labor on top of the hourly price?


Keikkakokki Ammattilaiset Oy handles the payment of employees' salaries and side costs, in addition to insurance and holiday allowances. Possible per diems or travel and accommodation expenses are agreed with the customer before the gig is confirmed.

Dare someone working in a competing restaurant in the same town employee hire?


Gig Chef Professionals have a high work ethic and are determined to do their best in every shift. Our employees are also bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding employer and customer matters.

What if the gig chef gets sick right before the gig?


If a Keikkakok employee reports that he is sick, we will immediately and primarily try to find a replacement for the position from our own network. However, if the gig is canceled due to prolonged illness or some other force majeure reason, we are not liable for compensation.

What benefits does my company get from the Keikkakokki Personnel Rental Service?


Through us, you can get help with all problems in the restaurant and event industry. Keikkakoki has all the employees in the industry, as well as good networks with industry players. The occupancy rate of our shifts is 95%. You will get a worker or workers who are suitable for your situation, come to work motivated, and do their work efficiently and diligently. Our management team also has tens of years of work experience, so we really know what our employees do and what kind of problems you customers face on a daily basis.


​We will be happy to help you find the right employee for you. Take contact