Customer experiences from Keikkakoki

A reliable partner in any situation

" We have been working closely with Keikkakokki for more than a year now. We have lived through difficult times in the industry in terms of labor availability, and here Keikkakokki has been a vital partner, so that we have been able to meet the increased demand in busy months. The cooperation has been flexible and we have had a professional in the kitchen many times even on a short schedule , when there has been a need. Gig chefs have also helped with our recruitment and consulted us in various situations. We can strongly recommend the services of Gig chefs to others."

- Jonas Emet, CEO, Comfort Family Hotel Oy Ab




Competent and good workforce for the busy season

" We are very satisfied with Keikkakokki's service and can warmly recommend it. With Keikkakokki's help, we have also been able to get skilled and good labor at short notice for the busy season and thus guarantee good service to our customers. The gig chefs have been reliable and skilled professionals in the field and have adapted well to the team even in a short time. We will definitely use service also in the future."

- Susanna Tuohiniemi, CEO, Fondis, Brasserie & Bar

The job has been handled smoothly, with professionalism and joy

" It has been a pleasure to find gig chefs. The job has been handled smoothly, with professionalism and joy! I definitely recommend it!"

- Halsuan's Pearl

Easy to operate and the know-how is top notch

" It is easy to work with Lassi's team and the know-how is top-notch. We have been cooperating for a long time

and now the 5th gear starts :) "

- Marko Paulin

"Quick response, friendly and expert service when making assignments"

"Availability of skilled staff is of paramount importance when organizing events. Keikkakokki's professional chefs have already made it possible to carry out several events at Seinäjoki Areena and receive positive customer feedback. Quick response, friendly and expert service when placing orders always works. Keikkakokki delivers solid professionals both in the kitchen and in the hall!"

- Antti Hyvärinen, Restaurant Manager, Finland

"Fast and professional help even for suddenly changing situations!"

"It's just a wonderful service when you can count on getting competent professionals when you need help, whether it's a kitchen, a hall or a bigger event. In everyday life, things and situations sometimes change very quickly. In these surprising situations, I have always received first-class service and professionals from Keikkakoki for the shifts, even on a fast schedule. Cooperation with gig chefs is professional, friendly, effortless and efficient. It's great to work together with professionals"

-Kimmo Koivisto, Chef, Pietarsaari City Hotel