Tarinoita matkalta - Vuoropäälliköstä vastaanottovirkailijaksi

Stories from the journey - From shift manager to receptionist

At this point, I thought that I would only return to kitchen work when I myself owned a restaurant.

The time is 2009, I left Waskia from the role of kitchen shift manager to Vaakuna in Vaasa and reception duties.

A night shift position opened in Vaakuna, the reception work was already familiar and after the interviews I got to new jobs. Thank you Max & Heidi, you are still on my mind when I think about the best bosses along my own journey 👌

The hotel in the center of Vaasa, on the side of the market, with its nightclubs and restaurants was quite lively and offered all kinds of things, no night was the same.

This has certainly been the most regular job I've ever had, 90/hr for three weeks, 10 work and 11 off (with a variable cycle of 5 work, 5 off, 5 work, 6 off). The work shift was pretty much 100% certainly always from 22:00 to 07:00.

Lots of good memories, I really don't know how I would manage to do these things now, I guess it would still be routine.

In this case, I had to go to the gym properly, as I lived in a nocturnal rhythm, I left work in the morning to go jogging, then home and after breakfast to sleep, this routine should be started again.

Versatile work and I would definitely believe that it is one of my strengths that I have worked in the kitchen, hall and receptions.

Thank you again to Sokos for the excellent orientation, in this house it took approx. 2 months, but he certainly got everything he needed to be successful. In addition, we also went to work with floor cleaning, etc. So that we know what those co-workers really do.