Tarinoita matkalta - Vaihtelunkaipuuta

Stories from the journey - Vaihtelunkaipuuta

Story continues…

The first time I was a shift manager and supervisor, I answered at Waskia
in the evening functions of the kitchen. At the time, Jaana was the kitchen manager, with a lot of experience and knowledge and skills behind her.

We did big events together, especially the dance nights at that time
in a loud cry, a lot of big orchestras came to Waskia, especially from Sweden.

The best thing about these was that we had self-designed menus for these cases, and we didn't have to do it with chain instructions, but using e.g. ingredients from local producers 👌.

I learned a lot about management, administration, ordering, etc. At the same time, I attended Restel's internal shift manager training, and at the same time I was also taking Restonomi studies :)
Although it took a few years to complete, you could write your own story about these studies.

At this point in the middle of completing everything, I started to feel that I needed something other than kitchen work, I went to apply for a new place, let's continue this next time.