Tarinoita matkalta - Lappajärveltä isolle kirkolle

Stories from the journey - from Lappajärvi to the big church

To last week's story sequel: in addition to the summer job, I did a kitchen internship in Lappajärvi, I was in the whole house for the second day when the chef in charge was asked to resp, ok I was left to mumble by myself. After a while, the cook came back and said that there are two men in the respa, "are you going to show them the house, I don't dare? ''. What the hell? I've been in the spa hotel for almost two days.

Two men in suits were waiting outside the kitchen, the last one shook hands -> there was a tour of the house and after that one of the gentlemen asked "how long have you been working here?" I said another day at practice. After that, he took a business card out of his pocket and said "call me when you need an internship or work, I own 17 restaurants in Helsinki".

At the end of the summer, I called Helsinki, an apartment was arranged for me, I was picked up from the train station in Komia Mersu - it was a great time for a young artist. As authorized by the owner, I made mystery shopper visits to Ravintolakolmio's restaurants while I was there. Every week there was a meeting or two, the owner wanted to hear how his company was doing and what could be improved. He was also part of Kivitipu's board at the time, so all the affairs of that house were also gutted from the staff's point of view.

I was told to stay here. There are jobs and you will be trained to become a chef, you didn't have to freeze or even go to work in the capital area after that. Sometimes I wonder what my career development would have been like if I had taken up this at the time. I received information last year that this owner: Keskinen Heimo has left our midst. I have to say that as an entrepreneur and as a person, he was a role model that you can always remember with pride and should take as a model for yourself. Heimo took care of his own group, it was an honor to get to know him. Thank you.

Tämmöinen's characterization was found five stars in piste com: Heimo Keskinen of Restaurant Triangle trusted in numbers and invested in competent staff. That says a lot. Do you have role models as an entrepreneur or employee? There are a few people on my journey who certainly had an influence on my own choices, e.g. on the way to this point.