Keikkakokkien talouspäällikkönä aloittaa 2.5.2022 Otto Bergendahl

Otto Bergendahl will start as gig chefs' financial manager on 2 May 2022

On Monday, May 2, 2022, Otto Bergendahl will start as our financial manager. Otto originally studied to become a large-scale chef, and then to become a tradesman. Otto and Keikkakokki's paths met through the arrangement of his wedding, for which Otto asked Keikkakokki for catering. In his duties, Otto takes responsibility for invoicing, sales and customer service development.

" I studied to be a large-scale chef in Tampere, but after joining the army and working there as a military cook, I reconsidered my career choice. However, I ended up applying to become a restaurateur and I did get to study, but I gave the place to a more motivated applicant. For a few years, I worked as a customer service worker in a hardware store, and I transferred to driving a taxi for my friend's father. Taxi license (valid for five years at a time ) ending made me think about studying again and I ended up applying for a trade nom at Centria Kokkola, where I graduated in 2020 as a trade nom in financial administration. " Otto tells about his background.

Founding member of Otto ja Keikkakokkie, chairman of our board. Lassi Jyrkkänen met a few years ago at one of the company's Christmas parties, and they started working together to organize Oto's wedding. Otto was so impressed by Keikkakokki's high-quality work and customer consideration and service that he definitely wanted to come work for us.

" During the planning phase of the wedding, I noticed how well Lassi and Keikkakokit generally take the customer into account. The wedding went completely smoothly, both in terms of food and drinks, and I admired the professionalism with which this important day for us was handled.

I had been following for a long time after our wedding, what a good mood
Gig auditions are on social media and I posted it to Lass
message if there are any jobs available. Well, after calling and
after we met about it, I almost announced that I would come to you
to work. Otto praises.

As an added value, Otto brings years of experience in customer service and sales. He brings the desired new vision to financial management as well.

"Even though I haven't done the actual work as a chef for very long, I have a certain perspective to bring to this as well. I intend to develop our administrative side even further and the goal is to build a good concept behind the Keikkakokkie."

In Oto's opinion, the future prospects in our industry are good. The difficult times have already gotten a little easier and now we are going full steam ahead towards the future. He believes that the development is an upward trend and that Keikkakokki will firmly establish its place in the HoReCa sector.

"In the long run, we will be in everyone's consciousness," he states hopefully.

At the end, I asked the standard question, what is Oto's favorite food or recipe? What is the most common thing at home?

Otto admits that he is a passionate barbecuer and in the summer, food is often prepared by grilling. For his favorite girly treat, Otto names the Tomahawk steak, which is slowly cooked in a charcoal grill.

Thanks for the interview Otto, and a warm welcome to the Keikkakokki team!