Keikkakokki kannustaa työntekijöitä itsensä kehittämisessä!

Keikkakokki encourages employees in self-development!

One of Keikkakokki's values ​​is individual development and self-development. We have a lot of employees of different ages and backgrounds, many of whom have hidden potential that even they themselves haven't necessarily been able to utilize. For us, any kind of work experience is valuable and you always learn something from each job. One of Keikkakokki's ways of supporting our employees in their career development is apprenticeship training.

Irene's story

Apprenticeship training is an economically sound option for both our student employees and Keikkakoki. The student gets to complete his studies in his practical work, and Keikkakokki benefits from hiring an employee even after the apprenticeship contract.

I interviewed Keikkakokki Irene, who starts with us at the beginning of November to study as a chef with an apprenticeship contract. Irene has a background in the metal industry, she has graduated as a machinist, but the change of field became timely when she got a work-related injury and after rehabilitation, she decided to switch to the restaurant industry.

In Irene's and Keikkakokki's opinion, the timing was suitable and financially reasonable for both parties. Gig auditions need great talent and Irene wanted to supplement her professional skills and work more hours.

Vocational degree to supplement work experience and know-how in the field

"I have always worked in the restaurant industry, and only at the age of 26 did I graduate as a security guard. Before that, I have worked in restaurants. The jobs in the restaurant industry have always been close to my heart, although there have been other experiments in between. I don't have a degree in the restaurant industry, which means that I have gathered all my experience and know-how so far in practical work, also in front-line positions. I already have full mastery of working in the kitchen, and now I want these chef's papers to complete my kitchen skills. It's always exciting when new studies start, but I'm excited!" Irene is glowing.

Flexible training opportunity

Irene says that she will complete the practical studies of the apprenticeship contract at different offices around the province, the exact location is still being discussed. "In this job, you can really gather experience from different places and work communities. The schedule is a bit exciting, when it is supposed to be finished in a year and a half, i.e. in March 2024, but I am really happy to start doing this. ” Irene says.

Best thing at work?

In Irene's opinion, the best part of the Keikkakokki job is the customers, and the genuine thanks and praise that come from customers, their customers, and the employer. "The best thing is the thanks and praise you get for your work on that field. It gives such an insanely good feeling and it lasts a long time again! The best thing in this industry is really all the people: customers and colleagues, and this great Keikkakokki community. There are wonderful people and professionals from different backgrounds and different ages in the team, with whom I always enjoy going to work, no matter who is there. Things always slip. I have also made friends through work, despite the age difference, we have a lot to do in our free time. ” Irene rejoices.

Thanks for the interview Irene and good luck with your studies!

Feel free to ask our recruiters or our CEO about apprenticeship opportunities, we will be happy to tell you and discuss more: