We convey e.g. waiters, shift managers, cooks, chefs and bar workers for different lengths of employment. Are you an experienced professional in the restaurant industry without a job? Do you need professionals for your restaurant? Contact us, and together we will find a solution that fits your needs.

  • This is how you order recruitment or gigs from us

    1. Fill out the contact form, or send us an email, or call us.
    2. Let's discuss the details.
    3. The professional(s) manage the shift or gig as agreed.
    4. Keikkakokki invoices your company.
  • This is how you apply for a job with us

    1. Fill out the contact form, or send us an email, or call us.
    2. We arrange an interview face-to-face or by phone.
    3. Let's agree on the details of the gig or assignment.
    4. You do your work as agreed.
    5. The gig chef pays you a salary.
  • Salary above industry average

    We pay all our workers a better salary than the tes minimum.
  • Flexibility

    We will be there on both sides as long as needed, we will be flexible on both sides.
  • Speed

    We fill shifts quickly and our delivery reliability is up to 95%. The maker will be there in a couple of hours.
  • Clarity

    We talk about things in the vernacular, jargon is mostly used among colleagues.
  • " Gig chefs have been a vital partner that we have been able to respond to the increased demand in busy months. "

    - Jonas Emet, CEO,
    Comfort Family Hotel Oy Ab
  • "In everyday life, things and situations sometimes change very quickly. In these surprising situations, I have always received first-class service and professionals from Keikkakoki for the shifts, even on a fast schedule. Cooperation with gig chefs is professional, friendly, effortless and efficient."

    -Kimmo Koivisto, Chef, Pietarsaari City Hotel
  • "With the help of gig chefs, we have also been able to get a competent and good workforce at short notice for the busy season, thus guaranteeing good service to our customers."

    - Susanna Tuohiniemi, Managing Director,
    Fondis, Brasserie & Bar
  • "It's easy to work with Lassi's team and the know-how is top-notch. We've been working together for a long time and now it's going into 5th gear :)"

    - Marko Paulin
  • "Quick response, friendly and expert service when making assignments always works."

    - Antti Hyvärinen
  • "We set out to change the direction of our kitchen operations. Now that almost three months of joint beginnings are behind us, I couldn't be more satisfied with Keikkakokki's services. We have gotten everything we wanted and much more."

    - Jaakko Kuusisto​
  • "From the customer's point of view, the portions are visually beautiful, the flavors are just right, and the menu meets the needs of the clientele, which can be seen in increased sales. From the employee's point of view, the portions are efficient, there are no more unnecessary steps between the kitchen utensils and working in the kitchen is meaningful. This was emphasized by the greatly improved job satisfaction. I recommend Gig chefs with great pleasure."

    - Joni Koski
  • " It was a pleasure to receive. Warm and cheerful, takes everything into account. I got a lot of good advice. Good to continue from here."

    - Seija Haka, entrepreneur
    Hela Restaurant Kauhava​

IN COOPERATION Keikkakokki.fi® and Lounastaja

Lounastaja is a convenient online service that makes it easier and faster to create, compile and upload restaurant menus, as well as collect and utilize customer feedback.

Keikkakokki® cooperates with Lounastaja. When you order the Lounastaja service for your company with a 6- or 12-month contract period, you get a -40% discount on it, as well as a free email sparring session with Keikkakokki entrepreneur Lassi Jyrkkänen.

See more https://lounastaja.fi/keikkakokki/

Make an appointment for sparring with Lassi at lassi@keikkakokki.fi